HWPL International Religious Peace Academy (IRPA)

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KORANBOGOR.com-As part of the newly launched HWPL International Religious Peace Academy (IRPA), online lectures were held over four Saturdays from July 8th to 29th, 2023. The IRPA showcased lectures delivered by prominent religious leaders from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Sikhism, based on their respective religious scriptures. A total of 1,388 religious leaders from 108 countries attended the lecture series.

Since 2014, HWPL has operated the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Offices for inter-religious comparative scriptural discussions, Religious Youth Peace Camps for religious and cultural exchange, and Open Dialogues with Religious Leaders for intra-faith discussions around the world. To expand on the work for peace among religions, HWPL has initiated the HWPL International Religious Peace Academy (IRPA) platform where people can explore beyond a basic understanding of each religion through scripture-based lectures by various religious leaders.

Prominent religious leaders are invited to present lectures on various topics in the Religious Peace Academy, and participating religious leaders can choose and attend lectures on scriptures from religions other than their own.

Last July, 15-minute long religious lectures on the same topics were presented in the first and second weeks of the RPA lecture series. This was followed by hour-long in-depth lectures in the third and fourth weeks, where participants chose the religious lectures of their choice.

The first week of the RPA was held with the topic of ‘Prophecy and Fulfillment’, and the second week under the theme of ‘Signs of the End Times and a New Era’. Detailed information about the lectures may be found at the official website (http://rpa.hwpl.kr/), such as introductions to the lecturers and lecture videos.

Religious leaders who have attended the inaugural HWPL IRPA in July have shared their thoughts as shown below:Before attending RPA, my mind was filled with many questions. At the same time, this interesting question also came to mind. ‘Where will RPA lead me?’, ‘What will RPA give me?’, and ‘What’s good about attending RPA?’, etc. After attending RPA, RPA answered some questions I wanted to know. And RPA has awakened respect for people of other faiths.
Moreover, I saw religious leaders trying to achieve peace in various ways with their own scriptures. I learned that I also have a responsibility for a peaceful world. Because I am one of the peacemakers.”
– Nanavamsa, Student of Gautam Buddha University
“Many religious leaders, representatives of different faiths and participants from various denominations have enrolled in the Religious Peace Academy of HWPL, and are connecting, participating, and listening to each other’s voices in harmony. With this, positive attitude has increased within individuals and inter-religious conflicts have declined. The positive effects are intense and tremendous.

Therefore, it is the duty of ours—religious individuals—to listen to others and to the teachings of other religions with tolerance, without getting too attached to our own views or religion, to learn more by connecting those teachings with our own faiths, and to spread this knowledge further.”

Enkhbuyan Jargalsaikha, Monk of Sain Nomuun Buddhist Monastery of Mongolia

HWPL will continue to organize and operate the International Religious Peace Academy lectures so that religion may reclaim its original role and purpose of love and understanding, and not be used as a tool for conflict.


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