Harus Baca,JAKARTA – South Korean tech giant Samsung officially launched the Samsung Galaxy S24 in Indonesia on Thursday (18/1/2024).This series is highly anticipated as it features exclusive capabilities,including fully integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that enables real-time language translation for both audio and text.

Alongside the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series,insurtech startup Fuse introduces gadget and electronic protection solutions,allowing users to safely enjoy the latest technology while getting peace of mind.

Fuse collaborates with insurance company MSIG Indonesia and insurance brokerage PT Pialang Asuransi Indotekno to offer protection for every purchase of the Galaxy S24 at Digiplus’official store which integrates with the MAPCLUB online shopping platform.

“Amidst the remarkable launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24, Fuse underscores the significance of possessing a sophisticated device and ensuring its safeguard through adequate protection.Gadget and electronic protection is not just an insurance service; it is a proactive step to provide comprehensive protection and peace of mind to users,”Fuse’s Regional Senior Director of Micro Insurance Stefani Anggadjaja said in her official statement in Jakarta.

Fuse brings exclusive benefits to MAPCLUB members: the first 100 buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S24 through the MAPCLUB platform who equip it with gadget and electronic protection will receive MAPCLUB points worth IDR 250,000.

These points are not only as a token of appreciation for members but also a special opportunity to further enhance their shopping experiences within the MAPCLUB ecosystem.

“These MAPCLUB points worth IDR 250,000 can be used for subsequent purchases across all affiliated MAP shops, both online and offline. This initiative reflects our commitment to providing added value to members who equip their Samsung Galaxy S24 with the gadget & electronic protection we offer.

We believe that the combination of cutting-edge technology from the Galaxy S24 and maximum protection from Fuse not only provides an enjoyable shopping experience but also deliver additional profitable benefits,” MAPCLUB’s Director, Marcella Dewi added.

The gadget insurance offers protection benefits for Samsung Galaxy S24 in cases of damage due to falls or exposure to liquids. The claims process is conveniently conducted online. Customers can even choose the pick-up and delivery service option for their smartphones to be repaired at Fuse’s partner service providers.This streamlined approach allows for a smooth repair process without causing disruptions to daily activities.
Founded in 2017,Fuse is a pioneer in deploying mobile technology platform to
revolutionize insurance distribution,improving efficiency and experience for both partners and end-customers.We launched our first-of-its kind mobile app Fuse Pro to“enable” agent/broker partners to close insurance policies instantly and easily with their valued customers.We have grown to an employee base of over 500 that span across Indonesia,Vietnam,Thailand,Malaysia and China to support our local insurance companies and distribution partners to serve their customers better.

ABOUT MAPCLUB – One-Stop Lifestyle Experience
MAPCLUB is a retail ecosystem comprising a reward program and an e-commerce platform for fashion & lifestyle.MAPCLUB offers various exclusive deals through a point-based reward program that customers can earn and redeem for transactions both online and offline (in-store).Customers can also utilize the ‘Pay & Pick’ feature,allowing them to purchase items online and pick them up in-store.As we kick off 2024,MAPCLUB comes with a fresh look and a variety of new features to cater to all your lifestyle needs.This includes a more comprehensive category mapping for convenient shopping and a feature to find the nearest mall for those who prefer shopping directly in stores.Make your shopping experience more enjoyable with MAPCLUB #APlaceToStart.

Samsung inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technology.The company redefines the worlds of TV,smartphones, wearables,tablets,home appliances,network systems,memory,LSI systems, foundry,LED solutions,and delivers a seamless connected experience through the Smart Things ecosystem and open collaboration with partners.For the latest news,please visit the Samsung Newsroom at


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