Indonesian and Australian Experts Join Government and Private Sector to Talk Decarbonisation

Harus Baca,JAKARTA-Senior government policymakers, academics and private sector leaders discussed Indonesia and Australia’s energy transition, and the roles of the power sector and industry in meeting emissions targets, in Jakarta on 30 April.

The event, titled ‘Power and Steel Industry Decarbonisation in Indonesia’, explored strategies to attract investment and support a just and affordable transition.

Environmental and climate change economist Professor Frank Jotzo, Head of Energy at the Australian National University’s Institute for Climate, Energy and Disaster Solutions, and contributor to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment reports, said,“Decarbonisation will be a defining change in our economies now and for the coming decades.”

“Indonesia and Australia are facing some similar challenges as countries that have been historically reliant on coal for the energy sector, strong in resource extraction and major exporters of fossil fuels.

The opportunity is to shape the change in a way that meets environmental priorities and is also compatible with prosperity.”

“The key will be agreement and close coordination between government agencies, as well as collaboration with the private sector and international partners,” said Alin Halimatussadiah, lecturer from University of Indonesia.

Tim Stapleton, Minister-Counsellor at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, said, “Indonesia and Australia both understand that collaboration and collective action are central to making progress on climate change.

Partnership and knowledge sharing are at the core of Australia’s growing program of climate and energy work with Indonesia and across the region,” he added.

The event was supported by PROSPERA (Australia Indonesia Partnership for Economic Development) and KINETIK (Australia Indonesia Climate and Infrastructure Partnership).

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